A purpose built website with professional web design provides your business with leverage in marketing and it’s communication to customers. More businesses rely on their digital presence in promoting themselves. A study in 2017 has shown that 71% of small businesses have a website (or multiple websites) – with the focus being predominately on responsive and mobile friendly design (think “simplicity”).

 A simple, yet effective, web design should be the priority of every business owner aiming to improve web presence. It is a fact that 70-80% of people look online before they purchase.

Things to consider

Online presence is not enough, you need tailored web design

DIY web designers often overload their website with content. More-is-better is often not the case, because people just don’t have the time and patience. You need to keep your design short, sharp, simple and at the same time, informational.

Irrelevant content is a web designer’s key skill

A lot of work that a website designer will do is actually removing content. A good website designer will know what content needs to be on your website, but more importantly, what content does not need to be.

Mobile friendly is fundamental, but extremely difficult to get right

Designing a website that is both appealing and functional is difficult – designing it to function on a desktop monitor and a mobile screen simultaneously requires a professional. The same design for a desktop monitor does not work for a mobile. Mobile design must be fluent, yet simple. More than 40% of customers use their smart phones for online transactions.

Good website design requires continuous and regular service

Just like your car, a website must be maintained in order to remain functional. The World Wide Web is continuously evolving, and if you don’t have your website managed by a professional it will very quickly become erroneous and stop working.

Benefits of hiring a professional

A survey conducted by Adobe in 2017 concludes that 75% of businesses are investing in custom web design. This further proves the importance of website design professionals – even with all the DIY options.

Tailored website

The number one benefit of hiring a professional is they will tailor your web presence to suit your exact goals. With the continuous evolution of technology, you really do need a website that is totally different and unique to your competition.

Responsive design

A website design professional will be able to build your website to be fully responsive on any device – allowing your website to function perfectly on all devices. The responsiveness of your website is the ultimate factor in sales and advertisement.

Faster and more dependable

Hiring a professional ensures the job is done fast, and done right the first time. If you choose to DIY your website design, you will quickly realize you do not have the skills to create a functionality you require and will find yourself ‘settling’ for the next option. A professional will provide you a much faster loading website – a slow website drives customers away.

Search engine optimization

A professional web designer is forever honing their skills in S.E.O – ensuring your website ranks favourable with search engines.

Standout from your competition

A professional will take the time to investigate your competing businesses, and design your unique presence.

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