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Professional business email services are critical to organizations’ success. Hosted email will help you – and your team – be more productive at the office, on the road, and everywhere in between.

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business email address is one that uses your business‘ domain name, such as [email protected] Every business should create a business email address; they make your brand appear more professional, instilling confidence in customers and, by extension, increasing customer loyalty

    Increase credibility

    business email improves your credibility in your online appearance.

    Reduce spam

    A professional email address ensures your email is never marked as spam.

    Marketing asset

    It engenders trust – every email you send is a quick and easy link to your website.

    Think personal email is good for business? Buyers don’t.

    Three-quarters (or 75 percent) of customers think having a domain-based email that matches your website is a very important factor when it comes to trusting a business. This statistic arises from a recent survey conducted by GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY). It found that using a @gmail, @yahoo or other generic email address can give the impression that your business is somewhat amateurish. This, of course, is really not how you inspire confidence in prospective buyers. A generic email address can not only affect your business’ credibility, but also negatively impact profits.


      Doubt trustworthiness

      33% of customers have doubts over whether or not you are trustworthy if you are using a free email address.


      Privacy concerns

      24% of customers said they had concerns over sharing personal information with a business that uses a free email address.


      Wouldn’t share card details

      23% of customers admitted they would not share card details with a business using a free email address.

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