Business Phones

Phone systems are not ‘one size fits all’ for small businesses. One small business could have very different telecommunications needs to another, so we will make sure you have the correct system for your business.

Phone systems help you connect

Your phone systems are the first point of contact for many customers, so it is essential that this section of technology is functioning and effective. We help grow your business and improve staff productivity.

Your phones are keys to customer retention, and our systems are as simple as plug & play. They use your existing NBN connection, so they are much higher quality than analog systems.

    CLOUD phone systems

    Cloud phone systems are a powerful, scalable family of platforms.

    ONSITE infrastructure

    Sometimes cloud systems aren’t appropiate, and onsite phone systems are the solution.

    Hold music & advertising

    Custom hold music provides a great means of organisation and advertising for your business.


    Customers ring first

    65% of customers still prefer to ring first, which the average call duration is 4 minutes 52 seconds, so it’s important to manage calls well.


    Expect quick response

    75% of customers believe that a phone call is the most effective method to get a quick response from a business.


    Spent on the phone

    25% of overall time for businesses is spent on the phone, which is a lot of time for a business to potentially waste.

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