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Professional email services are critical to organizations’ success, and our hosted services help your business be more productive at the office, on the road, and everywhere in between.

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professional email address uses your domain name, such as [email protected] It makes your business appear more professional, and instills confidence in customers.


    Improves your credibility in your online appearance.


    Ensures your email is never marked as spam.


    It instills trust, and every email you send is an easy link to your website.

    Think personal email is good for business? Buyers don’t.

    75% of customers think having a domain-based email that matches your website is a very important factor when it comes to trusting a business. This statistic arises from a recent survey conducted by GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY). It found that using a @gmail, @yahoo or other generic email address gives the impression that your business is amateurish. This will affect your business’ credibility, and hurts profits.


      Doubt trustworthiness

      33% of customers have doubts over whether or not you are trustworthy if you are using a free email address.


      Privacy concerns

      24% of customers said they had concerns over sharing personal information with a business that uses a free email address.


      Wouldn’t share card details

      23% of customers admitted they would not share card details with a business using a free email address.

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