Drone Repairs

We are drone pilots, just like you – so we understand the frustration you feel when your drone is ground-stricken. We provide unbeatable prices and turnaround times on all drone repairs.

“Drones are what we do, so we know what works and what doesn’t.”

How much do you charge for a quote?

We offer absolutely free and no obligations quotes for all repairs. We are really that confident in our ability to offer the best price available.

What turnaround time do you offer?

Usually most repairs take 24-48 hours, but every repair is different. Your expected turnaround time will be included in your quote.

Who pays for the shipping?

It is the customer’s responsibility to deliver and pick up the drone. So if you need to ship the drone, you will need to cover shipping to and from us.

Do you offer any warranty?

We offer 90 day warranty on any repairs completed.

How do we get started?

Simply get in touch, and describe the problems you are having with your drone. We should be able to make an estimated guess at what the damage is. We will then take receipt, and quote you for the repair.