Mavic Pro vs Telegraph pole…

Jessica’s Mavic, poor thing…

Jessica’s Mavic Pro had an unfortunate collision with a telegraph pole. When she delivered her Mavic to Richards Engineering, her gimbal was completed disconnected and she was constantly getting the dreaded “Gimbal overloaded error”.

Within 24 hours, Jessica was on her way to fly again and her Mavic was delivered back. She was so happy with the price, that she even cooked us some cake!!!!!!!

If you ever crash the Mavic again Jessica, you know where to find us. Here’s what Jessica had to say…

Omg!!! You guys are unreal, thank you so much for fixing my Mavic at a fraction of the price of what I was quoted in Sydney. I cannot thank you enough!!!!


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Mavic Air – we can rebuild it, we have the technology!

Joshua had just about given up hope on his Mavic Air before he discovered Richards Engineering. His Mavic Air had an unfortunate collision with a tree, and had a mighty 20 meter odd fall to the ground.

3 of Josh’s Mavic Air’s legs were broken. When we opened his Mavic Air we found that the entire drone had basically been damaged internally. We advised Joshua that it may be the drone equivalent of a “write-off” and it might be time to source a replacement. Nevertheless, we estimated the cost to rebuild Joshua’s drone. He was stoked when he realized our price was less than 30% of the cost of a new drone, and the cost quoted to repair by rival companies.

2 weeks later, Joshua was back in the air with a rebuilt Mavic Air. Here’s what he had to say about Richards Engineering Group’s service

I crashed my new mavic air hard into a tree. My broken parts list was as long as your arm. Kyle fixed it up and got it running sourcing parts that werent available in Australia! His pricing was fantastic!!! Explained everything in blokes terms to me so i could understand. Hopefully i dont have to get it fixed again but i would be taking it straight to Kyle without hesitation!! Thanks again mate. Really appreciate it!!

Joshua’s Mavic Air

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Phantom 4 – down, but not out!

phantom 4 complete

Sally’s Phantom 4 after being rebuilt

Sally’s Phantom 4 had spent its life on a farm, being used to inspect fence lines by her step-father. After receiving it as a gift, she was heart broken to find her drone would not connect to her remote controller.

Frustrated, she found Richards Engineering after having her Phantom with a so called “drone magician” for 3 weeks only to receive the drone in a worse condition than when she dropped it there. 48 hour turn-around time, a re-installation of the remote controller module and her Phantom was airborne and delivered back to her.

Just another happy customer, and we’re happy to have her back in the air! When we followed up with Sally to hear how the drone was operating, she kindly left us this testimonial

Kyle went above and beyond to help me with my drone. We had a dud controller, and had spent money on a new one as well as another repairer who ultimately did more damage. Kyle met me in the pouring rain, fixed the damage, helped me source a new compatible controller and answered all my dumb questions along the way. Thanks Kyle 🙂

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Mavic Pro receives the gift of life!

A Mavic Pro is delivered to us by Blake, who uses his Mavic to capture memories of his trips. He’s crashed his Mavic, and the vision sensor system is not working – as a result the drone will not position itself and has no obstacle avoidance whatsoever.

This Mavic is used by the customer to photograph his construction work, his family and his 4WD adventures. Blake had a trip away booked for the weekend, and was desperate for his Mavic to be airborne and functional. It was delivered to us Thursday 18th October, he was leaving Saturday 20th October.

Blake received his Mavic back, in fully functioning condition, in less than 12 hours for a fraction of the price he’d been quoted (and 2 week minimum turnaround time). Happy days Blake, now go and enjoy your holiday!


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Hubsan drone receives new GPS unit

We recently received our first Hubsan drone.

A customer, frustrated with the lack of support for Hubsan drones, dropped their beloved off to our doorstep. They explained the GPS unit wouldn’t calibrate, and the drone would not fly. We assured them we would have them back flying quick, and for a great price.

Less than 24 hours later, Rob received a message letting him know his drone was ready to be flown.

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